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Helen Beauty

Helen Beauty, operational in July 2021, brings a new atmosphere to the cosmetics industry. Helen Beauty, which has seven sub-brands, aims to reach the top in the beauty and care category.

Virtual debit cards are very popular these days. Below, you can find the redesign motion graphic work for ininal card, whose design I found very successful.

The world of commercial animation is comprised of a number of fields and styles.  The word “animation” is an umbrella term that includes almost anything

that has movement.

Taksim Boutique is getting ready to take the pulse of fashion in 2020. In his portfolio, Taksim Boutique, which has women's clothing and accessories, directs fashion with its elegant style

You can watch the motion graphic showreel video we compiled from different projects in 4k.

A portfolio site for world-famous photographers where they can show their 

Avosys Hotel Ux -Ui

For The Avoys Hotel, which will be operational in Bodrum, Muğla in 2021; You can find the website design.

e-Logo Website

A more dynamic and energetic form structure was used in the renewed site interface.

Kızılaykart is a holiday booking application that will be operational in August 2022.

You can examine all corporate identity elements and website design of the company.



All Projects




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